Restoring the neurophysiological balance

Restoring the neurophysiological balance.


Endosane wants to bring relief to people living with a mental health condition by pioneering a new era in the treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions.


Endosane will systematically explore and use the potential of the endocannabinoid system as modulator to restore neurophysiological balance and treat neuropsychiatric conditions.

Helping starts with

Understanding the needs

We do not presume to fully understand the challenging and life-changing impacts that people living with a mental health condition and their families, friends, colleagues and carers experience.

However, decades of work in the field and the treatment of hundreds of people with a diagnosis of a mental illness have given the Endosane Team an acute sense of the complex support and service needs and the myriads of unmet needs to be addressed.

Understanding the Illnesses

Many of the current shortcomings of available treatments for neuropsychiatric conditions are due to the lack of understanding of the complex underlying processes in the brain.
As a result, most current medications do not specifically target the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms. They focus primarily on treating the superficially noticeable symptoms. Yet similar symptomatology does not necessarily have to be due to the same cause.

The role of
neurophysiological balance

We already know that healthy brain function relies on the transmission of information between brain cells and their orchestration.
And while a multitude of different factors affect these transmissions and thereby influence information processing, all these elements and factors are usually in balance. In fact, to ensure healthy brain function, multiple mechanisms exist to actively react to any imbalance and quickly restore the natural neurophysiological balance. This concept is also named homeostasis, and ensures that optimal conditions are maintained. However, sometimes, the brain cannot compensate for neurophysiological imbalances on its own for a variety of reasons. Such a persistent imbalance can then manifest itself in a mental illness.

Don´t let illness
define your life.


Prof. Dr. F. Markus Leweke

Medical Director

Cathrin Rohleder
Dr. Cathrin Rohleder

Scientific Director

Max Narr
Max Narr

Managing Director


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